Wireless Dog Fence Pros and Cons


If you have a pet dog, then you should allow the pet to roam freely instead of keeping in the pet cage. If you have a big house and a large lawn or a garden outside the house, then you should set up a fence. The traditional fences are not good enough to keep the dog inside the boundary. It is, therefore, necessary to add technology to the job. You should consider purchasing of the wireless dog fence. These are the state of the art fence invisible systems. All you need is the reviver and the transmitter. The receiver is on the dog’s collar. The transmitter is the base station. To set up the boundary you will need to roam the pet around. You can easily set up the boundary using the program on the base station. Al you need is to set up and program the boundary. When the pet tries to walk across that boundary, the system will send a signal to the collar which will send a signal to the dog not to cross the boundary. Here are a few pros and cons of these invisible dog fences. The base station will track the collar position continuously and transmit the signal when the pet goes near the boundary. The signal is to give an electric shock to the pet.

The pros of the wireless dog fence

These are a few advantages of having a wireless dog fence

  • It is an affordable choice. A wooden fence will cost you more. For example, if you want to cover an acre, the wooden fence or any other fence will cost you a lot. Whereas, these wireless fences are not costly.
  • You won’t have to worry about the maintenance of wires
  • These fences are effective
  • The warless fence gives the dog a chance to roam freely without any thoughts of being caged
  • A wireless dog fence also gives you flexibility
  • These are easy to setup and maintain

The cons of the wireless dog fence

There are no disadvantages but only one. When the dog goes near the boundary, the transmitter will send the signal to the collar, and it will send a signal to the dog, vibrate or make a sound so that the dog does not cross the boundary. But if the dog is still moving it will send a signal to give the pet an electric shock. The dog has to receive an electric shock, and it might be painful.

Ti is not necessary that every dog will receive an electric shock. You can train the dog first and then implement the wireless dog fence. Make sure that once the dog gets proper training only then you set up the fence. There are a lot of benefits of purchasing these wireless fences. You will find many products online. You can also read a few reviews online to purchase the best product for your pet. Go online and read the reviews and you will know which one is easy to set up, or which one is cheaper and durable.

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