Here are some tips to prepare the site to be fumigated

You are now ready to make the exterminator? This tip will give you the information you need to prepare your environment for proper pest control. Are some quick and important for you to be ready when the pest control company to get the local tips.

You know better the environment to be fumigated than the pest control company.

tips to prepare the site to be fumigated

During the telephone and / or business contact, the pest control company hired already gets most of the information necessary for pest control and they will print in the order of service that the coach takes you to your room on the scheduled date for completion of the service.

In some cases, the pest control can be due to some peculiarity customer needs or desires. In this respect, it is important that you (client) to be proactive and inform the peculiarities of your environment that interfere with the performance of service. For example, if in your house there is a deposit which is normally locked, or there is a region with a higher infestation, indicate that the attendants and technicians of pest control company.

These seek to give you the biggest and best possible quality in pest control service, and this is very important to inform the pest control company every detail.

Perform the cleanliness of the place one day before the exterminator.

It is common for people to think that it is best to carry out pest control and then do the cleanup. Correct reasoning is precisely the reverse. Clean the area to be sprayed for insects a day before the service is delivered, so the sites that will receive the spray will have less dust which will ensure a higher setting of the pest control product. Sites that receive gel should also be clean so that the GEL still has more attractiveness of the pests in general.

The belief that the environment should be washed immediately after the service performed is the fact that people think you should take the excess poison in fumigated site. This is not necessary, the poisons in spray used by pest control companies generally crystallize on the surface after drying, which ensures the safety of dedetizados locations. To clean the area sprayed for insects, wait at least 24 hours and preferably a light cleaning with damp cloth.

Caring for Pets:

If the pest control area is required where the pet is, you should take it to another place on the day that the pest control company is performing the service.

Otherwise, just keep the animal caught in a separate area and it will not be sprayed for insects for at least 24 hours. After the product drying time when spray application is made the animal can be released without any problems.

If you have cats at home, remember to notify the pest control company if you want to do fumigation against termites. The dedetição venom for this pest can affect cats causing malaise, vomiting, etc. But rest assured, there are products that can be used in place and will not harm your pet in any way.

What are termites?

Termites are animals of the order Isoptera and, as indicated by the fossil record, these animals inhabit our planet for at least 300 million years. 3000 are represented by species of termites in the world, and only 4 of these potentially synanthropic, or living near human dwellings.

Are insects of social organization with an important role as decomposers, recycling organic matter and aerating the soil when building galleries. Some termites, however, the habit of eating wood and feed of plant roots of man’s interest, can cause problems in crop productivity and in civilian buildings. They are popularly known for siriris or hallelujah.

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