What is SEO?

The absolute best way to learn SEO, like anything else, it really has passion and sacrifices some of their free time to devote himself to the study and the practice field.

Many say that the hands-on experience is the best way to learn, but I am not at all agree unless they are first thoroughly investigated the basics to understand what the right course of action.

There was a time in my life when, like every human being, was looking for shortcuts to learning to program in a new language/ script quickly.

When you learn the SEO on the web

Society is full of people who talk a lot, others who write much, other than studying so much, other than working time, the rest does not do a hell, so we do not consider them.

These active people can and should be your source of inspiration and mentors to help in the growth, but it is a ‘double-edged sword.’ People more active in writing are, most likely, people who are studying and at the same time entering in their journals what they have learned, including mistakes in interpretation and evaluation errors on the quality of the source from which they obtained information.


Credit: Search Engine Land

Apart from the well-known names in World SEO landscape, they would much to lose by making a fool; there are many, many mentors or teachers aspiring SEO to learn and teach simultaneously jumping what is in between, the actual field experience. You can visit seomanija to get more information about SEO.

So how do you choose who will teach you about SEO?

Do not worry its way, way easy to figure out who you have before.

Get to know the writer, go into your content, you see who his clients, see what they got his clients, you see why some are no longer customers, but at least make sure it has or has had customer worthy of They are called clients.

Make sure they have worked with companies with which the SEO work has had some difficulty and no placements on keywords ridiculous.

When learning SEO on the web becomes a problem

On the internet, a few years ago, we are talking about personal branding, namely promoting yourself at all costs to obtain economic gains. This is fine and who is good at it get great visibility but can become a problem for those who have to learn, because it could be doing SEO courses with those who are better at speaking and promoting himself than actually to do what he says he can do.

I have always avoided making personal branding, and I paid much attention to substance, I have always been direct and also with those who said nasty shit is doing the phenomenon.

I behaved exactly as the first video under Gnu trying to make it clear to those who did not understand, things that just was not able to assimilate.

Who are writing SEO articles? It does after years of experience, success on the field, and after having obtained the consent of colleagues and customers, just look at the books written by Rand Fishkin, with or without staff Moz. Be sure to buy the books of those who have demonstrated the ability to do what he writes otherwise you could undermine your SEO education with wrong notions.

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